Our new paper is out! Congrats to Lasi and Dani for the hasd work and perseverance!

Dorina won a 3rd prize in the Conference for Undergraduate Research at the Institute of Chemistry! This is especially awesome regarding the short research time! She is only 2nd year student, looking forward to future success!

Our has paper has been highlighted in!

Gergely has been chosen to be part of the prestigious Bolyai fellowship of the Hungarian Academy of Science.

Wow!! Our paper is one of the most read articles in Org. Lett.!

We have our new paper out in Organic Letters! check out the publication page! Congrats to Lasi for the nice work!

Our new lab on the 5th floor

We have finally moved to our brand new lab in the same building/university!

Renovation made possibe by ELTE Institutional Excellence Program (1783-3/2018/FEKUTSRAT) supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities, and Servier-Beregi Fellowship Program.

Dániel Máth has won a 3rd prize on the National Science Conference of Undergraduate Students!


Dániel Lasányi has won the “Tamás Patonay prize” of the Heterocyclic Workgroup of Hungarian Academy of Science.


We are proud to announce our new initiation of organic chemists at Eötvös University. Check out the details at!

Dániel Máth has won a second prize on the Conference for Undergraduate Research at the Institute of Chemistry!


Dániel Lasányi has won PhD fellowhip to do his research with us!


We have our first publication online, on a catalytic desilylation strategy. TMS-acetylenes can be selectively activated by 1 mol% of hexafluorosilicic acid in Sonogashira conditions.
Congratulations to Dani and Ádám for the nice job!

Maddie Woodward from University of Leeds has joined the group.

Hannah F. Meyers from Kalamazoo College has joined the lab until end January.
Welcome Hannah!

Gabriella Tolnai has just joined for a summer project from University of Toronto. Welcome!