About Gergely

Gergely L. Tolnai

Assistant professor, Institute of Chemistry, Eötvös University

Gergely was born in Budapest in 1986. He obtained his diploma degree at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in plastics and rubber technology. After a 5 months period at Hovione Pharma Ltd., Portugal, with the Ivan Villax grant, he started his Ph.D. studies at Eötvös University, in the group of prof. Zoltán Novák, with a focus of application and mechanistic perspectives of Pd-catalyzed coupling reactions. He spent whole 2012 in Switzerland at EPFL, with the Sciex grant of the Swiss Confederation, in the group of prof. Jerome Waser. After obtaining his Ph.D. in 2014, moved to Sweden, to the group of prof. Berit Olofsson at Stockholm University for a postdoc period of 1.5 years. In 2016 he started his independent career at Eötvös University, with the financial support of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In 2019 Gergely was appointed to assistant professor at Eötvös University.